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Feb The Miriam Hospital will host a volunteer information session for adults on Wednesday, February 12, There is a limit Mar 9. The Miriam Hospital will host a volunteer information session for adults on Monday, March 9, There is a limit of Mar The conference is intended for rehabilitation professionals and will highlight current trends and guidelines for the medical, surgical and rehabilitation management The Miriam Hospital will host a volunteer information session for adults on Wednesday, March 25, Apr The Miriam Hospital will host a volunteer information session for adults on Monday, April 13, Thanks from the bottom of her heart.

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Monday, November 18, The redevelopment enhances a growing medical hub for Lifespan and The Miriam Hospital in Friday, November 1, Rhode Island Hospital researchers identify potential nanotechnology therapy for rare cancer. Thursday, October 17, Strong research presence by MIUI at annual urology conference.

Friday, September 6, Hackathon participants to brainstorm ways to combat opioid epidemic. Hackathons have become all the rage at working collaboratively to solve problems. Now one will be held in Rhode Island to brainstorm solutions to a health crisis that is hitting the state and rest of the country hard: the opioid epidemic. The intensive care unit at The Miriam Hospital was recently recognized with the highest designation of excellence conferred by a national nursing organization. Friday, August 2, The Miriam Hospital achieves national rank in U.

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The Miriam Hospital received two prestigious accolades when U. Monday, July 1, Bubly receives Charles "Bud" Kahn, M. Gary Bubly, M.

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Gyan Pareek, M. Urologic surgeon Gyan Pareek, M. Pareek serves as a professor of surgery urology at Brown and vice president of Wednesday, June 26, The Miriam Hospital announces its Physician of the Year.

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Bryan Jay, M. Carpenter, M. Jay has been director of interventional radiology at The Miriam since , where he specializes in performing minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and Monday, June 17, However, there is room for error.

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Since orthopedic implant boxes have no common label format, they are often cryptic and confusing to read. In addition, with the multitude of parts from different manufacturers, it can be challenging for hospital staff to know which parts are compatible.

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Errors caught after the implant is opened but before it is used result in significant waste. And errors not caught before they reach the patient are even worse: They can lead to poor medical outcomes, additional costly surgeries, and, as a result, patient dissatisfaction. In , Dr. Haas and HSS decided to develop a solution and together created what is now known as OrthoSecure, which employs bar-code-scanning technology in conjunction with a robust database of orthopedic implant components.

During the procedure, staff members scan the implant box labels before they are opened. OrthoSecure reads this information and converts it into a user-friendly standard display that is projected on the OR monitor for all to verify.

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The value in terms of patient outcomes and hospital efficiency is multifaceted. HSS is currently on track to realize those savings. The ability to test and refine the OrthoSecure platform in a real-world setting is where the innovative environment at HSS played such an important role. Developers working outside health care settings may have little understanding of the complicated workflows within hospitals and have few opportunities to validate digital health technologies in clinical settings, especially those as high-risk or complex as surgery.

Academic medical centers such as HSS have several resources that make them ideal partners in developing innovations for health care delivery, including a culture of continuous improvement, high patient volumes, a robust research infrastructure, and access to clinicians at the forefront of their fields. Early in the development phase, the interdisciplinary team at HSS arranged a proof-of-concept trial to see if OrthoSecure would fit into the clinical workflows and help staff reduce errors and waste.

This team included the clinical OR team surgeons, nurses, surgical technicians, and physician assistants , the OR materials group which manages implant inventory and delivery , the information technology team, and the operational excellence group industrial engineers who help redesign and optimize hospital workflows. The trial period allowed the team to move beyond simply validating the functionality of the tool to determining if the solution could actually work in an OR setting and be used effectively by clinicians. Digital health technologies need to be tested within organizations that have a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

That requires a setting in which clinicians are encouraged to constantly question the status quo and find better ways to deliver care that is more effective, more patient-friendly, and less expensive. Mayman and his team to help test new ideas that had the potential to improve OR performance.