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From the magnetic draw of free bagels to the sadness of eating lunch at your desk to the paranoia surrounding layoffs, Ferris' portrayal of the modern workplace is poignant and bitterly funny. Looking to commiserate with someone about the daily grind?

‘Happy Endings’ by Margaret Atwood

Who better than a fictional character? Because, let's face it, complaining to your coworkers won't do your career any favors. Ed Park's comic portrayal of a white-collar office in Personal Days is for anyone who has ever wondered: What does my boss do all day?

Where does the time go?

Are any of you guys "lunch break readers"?

And, why is Microsoft Word malfunctioning? If you're going to read on your lunch break, you might as well read a book about someone on their lunch break, right? In this hilarious steam-of-consciousness account of what goes through one man's mind during his lunch hour, even the smallest observation is treated with the utmost importance including the correct office bathroom etiquette , obviously.

If you constantly find yourself fantasizing about an exciting life beyond your cubicle, this book is for you.

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Clay, an unemployed web designer, takes a job working the late-night shift at a hour bookstore owned by the enigmatic Mr. As the mysterious inner workings of the bookstore, its cliental, and its owner unfold, Clay embarks on an adventure that results in technology and literature colliding in a beautifully modern way.

Sometimes things don't quite work out as planned. While following a day plan to write a novel, and-a-half year old Aris attempts to pen a bestseller based on her dysfunctional family, but runs into some problems when a dark family secret is revealed. In this 2-part blog-post comic, Brosh explains her clinical depression with comical accuracy.

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The analogy of the dead fish is unforgettably insightful. Both parts also appear in her book-length comic memoir, Hyperbole and a Half. Watsky is a rapper and spoken word poet who has built a following from YouTube. Before he made it big, however, he spent five years performing for groups of college students across the Midwest.

You can also delve into these must-read essay collections. Listen Shop Insiders.

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What are short memoirs? Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox. Shop our favorite bookish items and books of the year, just in time for the holidays! Lists Nonfiction. Demonstrating her distinctive sharp humour and cynical eye, Atwood flings characters John and Mary into a series of multiple-choice scenarios, inviting us to indulge in six different versions of their life together or not together, as the case may be.

Write A Book In Your Lunch Hour - Ingrid Seymour

In this surprising piece of flash fiction , Atwood masterfully challenges — or, indeed, draws attention to — conventions of storytelling and the tired boy-meets-girl narrative. In his fascinating book Sum , neuroscientist David Eagleman offers 40 alternatives of what might happen to us when we die. His speculative stories embrace every possibility of the afterlife, with each tale forcing us to evaluate how we spend our time on earth. The story imagines limbo as a transcendent waiting room, literalising the idea that we only truly die when our name is uttered for the final time.

Eagleman asks that we consider how our identity is constructed in the eyes of another, while teasing out universal themes of love, remembrance and belonging.


With sparse dialogue and minimal action, this intriguing story seems bare on the surface, but truly demonstrates the power of brevity and implication. Through heavy use of symbolism and within a few short lines of dialogue, huge decisions are contested, relationships shift and underlying tensions are brought to the surface. Not convinced?