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Patrick is a beautiful, accessible, easy way to do this. Make corned beef, have an Irish beer or two and let the spirituality of the Emerald Isle seep into your soul on his saint day, March 17 th. Go To Joseph- Get to know St. He is the second most powerful saint in Heaven, after the Blessed Virgin Mary!

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He is, after all, Patron of the Universal Church, the terror of demons, most chaste spouse of our Lady and the foster Father of the Son of God. Celebrate his feast day, a Solemnity, on March 19 th , with holy reckless abandon! Solemnities are high holy days of the Church that trump Lenten days. That means that St. The Day The Music Died. Ok this is very similar to Try driving to and from work one day a week without the radio on. See how your soul calms down and the Lord speaks to you at such times.

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You may find you enjoy the extra quiet time. Sunrise before Son Rise. How often do you watch the beauty of the morning and the evening sun coming and going? This time of a year is a surprisingly great time to do so. As we move towards spring, the sun is coming up earlier, and the sun setting later each day.

Each day let that give you hope and joy. Watch the rising and setting sun whenever possible this Lent. Apologetics is the science of explaining, justifying, and defending the Faith. Use Lent to tap into the great resources on and off the web that show the biblical and historical basis and reality of the Catholic Church as the Church Jesus intended. Put into practice, and be intentional about listening to others and what they are saying and not just anxiously wait until you can start talking. Let us decrease and Christ increase by loving neighbor in this way.

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Many churches struggle to find adorers that will sign up for just one hour of adoration in one given month on First Fridays. Will you keep watch with Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament, in the monstrance for just one hour? The next first Friday for many parishes is March 6 th. Hated and Put to Death by Randy Alcorn. Editorial Reviews.

About the Author. Bruce Reyes-Chow is a pastor, writer, blogger, speaker, Forty devotions are each framed around a word inspired by the daily lectionary readings and include a short scriptural passage, inspirational.

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Christ is the creator of the stars of night. When is the last time you sat under the starlight in your backyard or somewhere nearby with dark skies-maybe a star party? Until the modern age, man spent his evenings in candlelit, lamplit darkness with the splendor of the heavens above.

Few astronomers are Atheists, by the way. The beauty of nature draws us to the beauty of God himself. An excellent Lenten exercise. Buy a copy of The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Once a day, randomly flip open and read the first paragraph your eyes fall on. The Catechism is so richly written, you may find yourself referencing it and opening it more often. Find a good recipe for and make Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, a traditional baked good made through the centuries only this day of the year. This has become a family tradition for my family. My mom makes these aromatic buns and I have incorporated them into the food I eat as part of my Good Friday abstinence and fasting obligation. The Hour Of Mercy.

My parish priest recently noted that a nun once remarked to him that it is not difficult to be nice to nice people. It seems it must be at least double as good to be kind to those who are difficult to nice to. Remember, seeing Christ in others means reaching out to them with the heart and loving gaze of Christ, whether they are pleasant or not. Decorate it as a family at the beginning of Lent. Seven Stars of Lent Share. All classes during this time will not meet, except for Celebrate Recovery. We will still gather for worship Sat. Text Link. Join with worshipers from all around the world Hi Monday Night Worshipers!

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