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This means that your warm pilgrim bed is assured each night, and so is your trusty pilgrim transport. It means the logistics are taken care of, leaving you and your writing buddies free to roam beautiful trails and wander through iconic towns and villages, taking in history, architecture, culture and cafes, devouring good food in great company.

Walking and writing must be about the most productive pursuit available to a human being. We satisfy our physical body with gentle continuous movement, we engage our mind with productive pleasure, and we set our soul free to soar on the wings of our own choosing, day after glorious day. Her soft femininity camouflages her strength — but only at first. The power of her words will immediately captivate as she wraps you up in her story, leads her audience to the edge — and then matter of factly invites them to jump. She is a lead lemming: compelling, engaging and captivating, all the while paying sharp attention to reality and rationality.

Stephanie is a great speaker and an excellent listener, two qualities rarely found in the one person. Patt Gregory, Woodwork for Women. It is one which will motivate action for those listening to her speak. Her creative use of terminology is instantly refreshing and brings uplift to those hear her. Hearing her speak or reading her books can be life changing! John Dahlsen, artist. On a stormy November day, when the rain was oh so close, I learnt to write my landscape into my story, I learnt to let the landscape tell my story, I learnt that what I remember of my past is reflected in how I remember my landscape.

Chris Ferguson, farmer. Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Start your review of Mirage. Sep 18, Susan Stuber rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. Khashoggi is a very good story teller. The structure, plot and flow of the novel is impeccable.

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Certainly you cannot call this book high literature, as the author uses in characterisation the gothic novel prose style without much complexity the men are either dark and evil or elegant, smart, and usually rich. That said, in light of what we know today about how women are murdered, disfigured, sold, abused and left with very few rights in many parts of the world, this book has an important Khashoggi is a very good story teller.

That said, in light of what we know today about how women are murdered, disfigured, sold, abused and left with very few rights in many parts of the world, this book has an important subject and she treats it not overly melodramatically. While it is true that this story is not what happens to every woman, the fact that it happens at all deserves to be told and known.

And while some people may think that the way the author depicts the lives of royalty from the Middle East is exaggerated, I know that the scenes of unimaginable luxury and decadence that the author describes are quite accurate, as I live near Geneva and have heard first-hand stories of people who either work for these people. They are often in Geneva for various reasons.

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The local press as well reports from time to time about their excesses. I like very much the way the story starts with the main character as a successful professional woman in the U. The author is very skillful in using the main characters to complicate the story in a credible way. In places, this could have been more fleshed-out, such as in the case of a young woman's rape, but overall I think the book is a success.

Oct 15, Nags rated it really liked it Shelves: I wish we had could add. I picked it up in the Stand Bookstore that I was living opposite for a month and this was in the sale basket for. My expectations weren't high but the description seemed to fit books that I normally read.

  • Marinas Whale of A Tale: Rise of the Chosen One of the Sea (Princess Luanne and Wizard Heatheria Book 6).
  • The Discourtesy of Death (Father Anselm Novels Book 5);
  • orientalism | Martin Kramer on the Middle East.

The narrative was pretty nice throughout but the book was just too long. I skimmed through some portions which just didn't need to be so long drawn out or detailed.

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The good stuff - yet another I wish we had could add. The good stuff - yet another book giving some insight into the ridiculously rich Arab's lifestyle. No matter how many times I read it, it still leaves me in awe.

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The emotions, I always enjoy that in books. The core story-line was quite strong. The not so good stuff - the sheer length of the book, could have done with a bit more editing. The attempt to make it all end well.

Although technically everything doesn't end well, it's still a feel-good ending and while I am all for it, it somehow doesn't suit this book. I would recommend this for people who enjoy central lady characters, culture, emotions, and Indian writing. Mar 03, Riham Adly rated it it was ok.

At first I liked the story, sympathesized with the main character Amira, but then as events run on and the book comes to a close I just hate it. The writer displays Islam as a crippling religion, when in fact it's not.

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It is people who practice it the wrong way. In some societies woman are indeed opressed and silenced, considered a means to an end, which is rearing more children, preferably males. I don't feel crippled at all by my religion. My society, my family and I keep an open mind. My voice is heard. I am apppreciated for who I think, who I have behave and indeed how I look. I wear a headcover, but it gives me character. I am not a fanatic. I don't need to disown my religion in order to feel free.

Her main charcater ran away from an abusive husband that was a prince to rich gulf country. She threw behind all traditions and customs. I don't respect that. I believe in fighting oppression, not stripping off in the name of freedom. May 10, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. Definitely one of those stay-up-too-late-reading books.

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I have no clue if life behind the veil is anything like the book portrays it and many reviews on Amazon suggest not , but the world was a venue for a great story. Only once did the book seem to stretch the story a bit for the sake of dramatic tension, but I won't tell you where because the dramatic tension does move the book along nicely. Jan 01, Jordan rated it it was ok Shelves: bookclub. I enjoyed the fast-moving plot and culture study, but not the writing style. I think that Khashoggi uses overdramatic and cliche language in nondramatic places, which dilutes the parts of her story that should be dramatic.

The end of the book, too, was just kind of weird.