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The mantra of his success was that neither he overestimated nor underestimated his ability. Like most of us, he too lived an ordinary life largely spent in the routine of living and earning livelihood. Yet, he was different from many of us. He lived like a karamayogi without caring for the result as if it was a dharma truly enjoined upon him.

He led a straight life, not once having strayed, thanks to many pearls of wisdom and probity uttered by his mother during his growing up years that remained deeply ingrained in him. Krishan has also been greatly fortunate as a family man.

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He was married in His wife Krishna was another godsend gift to him; she brought him luck and stability of sorts. Their first child Sunita came in February , the second Sandeep in September and the third and the last Ashish in early All of his arduous work in writing his lengthy memoirs would have been an exercise in futility had he not given the glimpses of his family life. He believed that a happy family life is sine quo non to be successful business leaders and managers. He was indeed a householder par excellence. Married with Sim, he was in the US for over 12 years, primarily in venture capital business.

Ashish is a prominent cardiologist in Solon, Ohio while his wife Jyoti too is a well known practicing psychiatrist.

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Very few parents have children with such high academic and professional qualifications. More importantly, the siblings love one another and have immense regard for their parents. Thus, both Krishan and his Krishna are happy parents, happier parents-in-law and the happiest grandparents. In many ways, the Aneja family is twice or even thrice blessed.

Journey into Unknown: An Autobiography

What is so remarkable about the book is the minute detail in which Krishan describes the various phases of his life. Seller Inventory LQ Seller Inventory LIE Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Book Description PartridgeIndia, Seller Inventory M Journey into Unknown: An Autobiography. Kaza Arjunarao. Publisher: PartridgeIndia , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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When Gandhi was finally ready to head back home from South Africa in at age 45, his journey on SS Arabia was significant for a very special reason. This was the only journey—whether by road or rail or ship or in any other way—where Mohandas and Kasturba travelled just by themselves. Much has been written about his all-consuming desire to study law in London. However, not many know that Gandhi was equally interested in studying medicine.

His family disapproved of the medical vocation; being Vaishnavas they did not want him to deal with dead bodies. Even while practising law in South Africa, he continued to harbour this vague desire to study medicine in London. But in , he wrote to a friend that if pursuing a medical degree involved dissection of frogs and other living beings, he would much rather not study it.

An Autobiography of an Unknown Man

But this did not in any way diminish his interest in health, hygiene and nutrition. He advocated nature cure, fasting, hydrotherapy and earth treatment, and experimented a lot with dietetics. In spite of a disciplined lifestyle, Gandhi struggled with several health issues. In South Africa, he often suffered from debility, rheumatic inflammation, constipation and frequent headaches.

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  • Talwalkar once wrote how puzzled a team of doctors were when Gandhi refused injections of emetine for acute dysentery—the only treatment for the condition then. But Gandhi agreed to take enema. So the doctors added a full dose of emetine and morphia to enema water. The enema procedure improved his condition within the next 24 hours that he voluntarily asked for a repetition of the procedure for next five successive days.

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    Gandhi added roti and chapatti to his regular meal only after Talwalkar convinced him that a diet of a dozen oranges a day would not support his body. Gandhi once drew the diet plan for one of his staunchest critics, Subhas Chandra Bose. He recommended leafy vegetables to be taken as salads, dates for a healthy stomach, raw garlic for controlling blood pressure and lemons and honey to substitute for sweet oranges. Though in principle Gandhi was self-reliant and shunned material possessions, he had a brilliant collection of books and people as resources to seek help from.

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    When he returned from South Africa in , he brought along many of his coworkers and 10, books and pamphlets. After he set up the Satyagraha Ashram along the banks of the Sabarmati in , Gandhi was in search of a person who could be a helping hand in his intellectual, social and spiritual exercises. He found that person in Mahadev, a lawyer by training, who officially started working at the ashram in