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How does it come about? Can it be treated? Whether or not you use the term insomnia, I expect you know what I mean.

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In fact, in my clinics the average duration of insomnia is more like five to 10 years. Not only is insomnia a night-time problem, it also causes significant daytime deficits. It is part of the definition of insomnia disorder that poor sleep results in depleted energy, impaired mood, or poor concentration during the day. Everything seems harder … and our friends and family members, maybe also our work colleagues, can often see these effects too.

Indeed, my patients feel that the edge has been taken off their lives.

They often feel that their problem is not well understood, or even that it is doubted, including by those in the medical profession. So, they just have to learn to live with it. Historically, it is as if it has not been regarded as a proper illness. Science has discovered that people with insomnia are twice as likely as good sleepers to develop depression, and that they have an increased vulnerability to type 2 diabetes and to hypertension. Persistent insomnia is no trivial matter. As far as I am aware there are only four things that are required to sustain life — air, water, food and sleep.

This is true for almost all species.

Can you imagine having an insufficient or poor-quality oxygen, water or food supply? Would that not cause major health problems? We must not trivialise sleep as if it were just a lifestyle choice, or something to do if we have time in our busy schedules. Sleep is a life-sustaining force; and a lack of sleep, whether through our neglect to give sleep enough space in our lives, or through having a sleep disorder, is hugely important. This is a complex issue, and there is a great deal of research going on in this area.

Let me illustrate some of the things that we have found out. Having a poor night of sleep is not uncommon.


Indeed, it is a pretty universal experience; especially at a time of stress. But sleep is also a healer. Sleep helps us regulate our emotions, consolidate our learning, develop our immune responses and recover physically. So, for most people short-term insomnia is just that; temporary. Of course, it can be a struggle — having a new baby at home, dealing with health issues, bereavement, or a change in personal, financial or occupational circumstances. But sleep is there to help us cope, as well as at times being a casualty to the pressures. Insomnia disorder may grow out of short-term insomnia.

A stressor may be a starting point, but people generally resume normal sleep after a period.

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Stress is not the cause of chronic insomnia. Rather, a vicious cycle develops where sleep itself becomes the focal point of attention.

Tips to Stop Insomnia and Get Back to Sleep

We go to bed wondering if we will sleep; fearing that we might not. We lie awake thinking about being awake and striving to get to sleep. We worry about the consequences of not sleeping … and it all becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sound familiar?

Hit snooze...

Importantly, good sleepers have no idea how they do it. They sleep just like they breathe — without ever really thinking about it.

But make sure you buy the type where you add milk not water. We recommend spraying your pillow with a sleep before reading. The burst of lavender, camomile and vetvier has been proven to calm a racing mind. They may not be brilliant for the eyes but a small light that you can clip to your novel, will leave the room feeling darker and prepare you for sleep. She said. Among every single piece of advice here I believe that reading a book that grips you in bed is the best way of taking your mind away from the stresses of work and switching off.

It might help to visualise a piston filling with air and then dispelling it.

How I beat insomnia

Autogenics sounds complex but is actually straightforward. You simply need to focus on each limb of your body, starting with each individual toe or finger. Liquid Night Nurse and cough medicine are some such medicines. Please note that Claire is not a professional sleep therapist so these tips are based on tried-and-tested methods and may not work for everyone.

Timeless British Running Kit. Sign in Create account. Commute Gym Travel and Loungewear. Bundles Archive Sale. Our latest articles. Sign in Register. Twitter Facebook Youtube Instagram. How to Beat Insomnia Naturally. Drink too much with supper Alcohol has been proven to be one of the worst offenders in interrupting sleep. Work or do household chores just before bedtime Working at your laptop or rushing around doing household tasks are other big no-nos just before bedtime. Or use any technology in the bedroom Never ever take your phone, i-pad or laptop into the bedroom.