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Scarlett, Duke and Stalker all take a leave of absence and head to Broca Beach. Storm Shadow, seriously injured, is to be taken to the hospital by Snake Eyes and the Baroness. Writer: Larry Hama Artist: S. The factory is deserted and empty and the vipers make their way to a steel door. They blow the door and are stunned by what they find inside. Back in Maine, the factory is empty, the Televiper finds evidence of hundreds of cyborgs being manufactured, what is worse is they are replicas of the Fred series of the Crimson Guard.

Mindbender figure out that with so many Crimson Guards stationed in town, the cyborgs must be headed there. He recalls the Vipers in the factory back to Broca Beach. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow enter the house and leave Boris in the car. They find dead Vipers in every room.

There is a light on in the basement. The kitchen door opens and Dr.

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Tchen is just arriving home. Storm Shadow sends her out to the car as he and Snake Eyes go down to investigate the basement. When Dr. Mindbender points out the mistake of not researching the Blue Ninjas true capabilities before mounting an attack in the first place, Cobra Commander gets enraged.

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In the basement the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow find a command module. One of the monitors in the module shows a familiar image, Broca Beach. Tchen approaches Boris in the car, he asks if she is all right, then not saying a word she breaks his neck. She turns her attention towards the house, twisting her own neck a hundred and eighty degrees. He says Cobra Commander has issued an alert and he is there to guard them.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #176

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Larry Hama October 31, Plus, a special issue where G. Includes issues - !

A Real American Hero #176

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Joe: Classics. Vol 3, The classic Marvel Comics G. Joe gets new life in this third collection of must-have stories! The original Marvel Comics adventures of America's elite special-mission force continues with a special silent issue featuring Snakes Eyes and Scarlett, mysterious twin tattoo's, a funeral for a friend, and plastic surgery for a wounded enemy.

Plus the origins of Snake Eyes revealed!

This action-packed volume collects G. Joe issues Reviews Review Policy. Published on. A Revanche Robotics van is in the street.

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The three Freds and the two in the van move up the streets three houses at a time, leaving them at the same time, all the lights out. At Dr. Tchen clings to the ceiling above them and then drops down and attacks. They find the pieces left by the robots of the Cobra families. One distraught Viper tells them that his Viper uniforms are the only thing missing from the house. Tchen battles the pair of ninjas with her monofilament weapons embedded in her palms. They disable the weapons in her hands and she reveals a monofilament saber in her mouth and severely injures Storm Shadow.

She claims she will end the Arashikage line in her kitchen and suddenly jerks back as she is shot three times in the torso and once in the head. Snake Eyes slices off her head. The Baroness stands in the kitchen doorway rifle in her hand. Duke and Stalker join her. Summary by Ted Jacobson. Joe Season 1 G. Joe Season 3 G. Joe Season 4 G. Joe Origins G. Joe Cobra G.

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