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The health and recovery peer HARP program: A peer-led intervention to improve medical self-management for persons with serious mental illne. Internet-based chronic disease self-management: A randomized trial. Medical Care, 44 11 , What do you think of when you think of patient education? Health Promotion Practice, 11 2 , Brady, T.

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Enhancing self-efficacy for optimized patient outcomes through the theory of symptom self-management. Cancer Nursing, 36 1 , EE Frontiers in Public Health, 2, Editors 1 copy at Healey Library Ch. Ebook access: Unlimited 1 copy at Healey Library. Kate Lorig - Stanford University.

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A model of the uncertainty theory displaying the concepts and their relationships forms the basis for the theoretical and empirical material. Discussion of the theory is organized around three major themes: the antecedents of uncertainty, the process of uncertainty appraisal and coping with uncertainty. Finding meaning: Antecedents of uncertainty in illness. Nursing Research, 37 2 , Reconceptualization of the uncertainty in illness theory. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 22 4 , Uncertainty in illness theory: A replication of the mediating effects of mastery and coping.

Nursing Research, 40 4 , Padilla, M. PT - English / Professionals & Academics / Biographies & Memoirs: Books

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Testing a model of symptoms, communication, uncertainty, and well-being, in older breast cancer survivors. Stewart, J. Han, P.

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  6. ‘Care left undone’ during nursing shifts: associations with workload and perceived quality of care.

Varieties of uncertainty in health care: a conceptual taxonomy. Unson, C. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 36 6 , Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 35 1 , Mishel, p. Middle Range Theory for Nursing, 3rd ed. Afaf Meleis: Nursing Transitions. Chick, N. Transitions: A nursing concern. School of Nursing Departmental Papers, 9, Schumacher, K. Transitions: A central concept in nursing.

Image--The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 26 2 , Meleis, A. Facilitating transitions: Redefinition of the nursing mission. Nursing Outlook, 42 6 , Shaul, M. Transitions in chronic illness: Rheumatoid arthritis in women.

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Rehabilitation Nursing, 22 4 , Im, E. A situation-specific theory of Korean immigrant women's menopausal transition. Journal Of Nursing Scholarship, 31 4 , Helping elderly persons in transition: A framework for research and practice. Experiencing transitions: An emerging middle-range theory.

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Advances in Nursing Science, 17 3 , The middle-range theory of unpleasant symptoms: An update. Advances in Nursing Science, 19 3 , The theory of unpleasant symptoms and alzheimer's disease. Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice, 12 2 , Lenz, Elizabeth R,PhD. Response to "the theory of unpleasant symptoms and alzheimer's disease". Redeker, Nancy S,R. Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and quality of life of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

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