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Needless to say, I gloated as they lay dying on the ground. I get them all on hooks and end the game with 1 pip. I'm dying at this point. They fail to see why they lost, and blame me for it. If they had left me alone and they would of at least have gotten 3 people out.

It’s a relief for your muscles

I would of maybe have black piped. Being said I never do this I usually play the game normally but play a little more tunnely towards them if I have good momentum. That's my response. You got it. Now you want to whine? Toxic Nea has won. Worse is to crush the entire team while she chases you around. Circle back for her last. If a survivor is intentionally trying to get your attention so they can loop you all game it's best to just ignore them because if they're trying to get your attention and you ignore them their basically dead weight at that point because they're not doing gens.

The silent disconnect in postgame chat was the icing on the cake really.

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It feels good from survivor side too I wish I could laugh at this, but as a survivor main, I just can't even bring myself to do it. If the exit gates are open, why would the killer not camp? It's the only time I think it's a reasonable strat. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

It feels so good. What are your thoughts?

Log in or Sign up log in sign up. View discussions in 1 other community. Continue this thread. Beanie Quin. When something hurts, our body responds with its withdrawal reflex. But the scratching reflex brings attention towards, rather than away, from the affected skin. That actually makes good sense, and points to one possible evolutionary origin for the scratching reflex: closer inspection and a quick scratch is more effective at removing a crawling insect than would the withdrawal reflex.

Scratching is a good way to remove not just insects and parasites, but also bits of plants and any other unwanted material hitching a ride on your skin or in your hair. That release provokes the nociceptors in the skin to send a message to the spine, which then relays the message through a bundle of nerves called the spinothalamic tract up to the brain. In , researchers used a histamine injection to make the legs of their non-human primates itch while an electrode monitored what happened inside their spinothalamic tracts. As soon as the histamine was injected, those neurons began to fire, and fast.

When the researchers offered up a few scratches, those neurons slowed their fire.

Feels So Good by Boots & Kats | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Their electrodes told them that scratching does its work in the spinal cord rather than in the brain. Indeed, there is no "itch centre" in the brain.

Scratching may have helped our ancestors rid their bodies of annoying, irritating insects Credit: iStock. Are you getting itchy yet? Physicians say that they start feeling itchy after treating patients for scabies. And researchers once gave a lecture on itching just to see if they could get their audience to feel itchy, and it worked. Hidden cameras revealed that the audience spent a lot more time scratching themselves during that lecture than during a talk on a more innocuous subject.

Contagious itching has even been seen in monkeys , hinting at the tantalising possibility that there could be an evolutionary advantage to scratching ourselves when we watch others scratching themselves. And while this makes back scratches from a loved one quite enjoyable, it can also lead to serious problems for those with chronic itching-related diseases.

Why Scratching Feels So Good (But Is So Bad)

Patients with eczema have reported that they scratch not until the itch has subsided, but rather until it no longer feels good to scratch. The American poet was probably more right than he knew. And nobody knows exactly what it is.

Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione [FULL VERSION]

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