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Browse these forums and Google the crap out of it.

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In particular, I try to find code samples doing something simliar to what I am looking for that I can just "tweek" to my needs 4. And when all else failed, I posted the question here and waited patiently for the experts to show me how, or show me where I went wrong It has been a great learning experience, and I really am quite proud of my almost final product.

But the biggest thing I learned is that you best friend when you are trying to learn this is to just sit down at your keyboard and screw around. Keep hacking away at it until you have it figured it out - a "Learn By Doing" approach. Just my two cents worth, but hopefully that is helpful to anyone in my shoes! Re: New to Excel Programming and looking for learning materials www. Re: New to Excel Programming and looking for learning materials Wow - this demonstrates the absolute value of this forum.

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Well done all. I've agree that this page needs to be stickied what ever that is. And using the macro recorder is endlessly powerful although you do need to understand the limitations of cutting and pasting from the recorded code. Some other basic tips: Always always use "Options Explicit". You can then better use the autocomplete capabilities of the Macro editor.

Then if you add a row a column, your code keeps working. Use comments. Comment and comment some more. Some say there should be more comments than code.

Unless you're supremely good at naming variables the hardest part of coding then you'll forget how your code works in a couple of months and others will have even less chance. Learn some basics of the debugger. How to put in a break point. Added to Your Shopping Cart. This is a dummy description. This book is aimed squarely at Excel users who want to harness the power of the VBA language in their Excel applications. At all times, the VBA language is presented in the context of Excel, not just as a general application programming language.

About the Author John Green lives and works in Sydney, Australia, as an independent computer consultant, specializing in Excel and Access. John established his company, Execuplan Consulting, in , specializing in developing computerbased planning applications and in training. He has led training seminars for software applications and operating systems both in Australia and overseas.

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John has had regular columns in a number of Australian magazines and has contributed chapters to a number of books including Excel Expert Solutions and Using Visual Basic for Applications 5. John Green contributed the Introduction, Chapters 1—11, 13, 15—17, and 19 to this book. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Acknowledgements. Chapter 2: The Application Object.

Excel Vba Programmers Reference PDF Book

Chapter 3: Workbooks and Worksheets. Chapter 4: Using Ranges.

  1. VBA in Excel - Easy Excel Macros.
  2. Honey and Decadence?
  3. Marstuthnick: Flight of the Phoenix: Out of the Ashes.
  4. Beauty and the Wolf / Their Miracle Twins: Beauty and the Wolf / Their Miracle Twins (Mills & Boon Cherish) (The Hunt for Cinderella, Book 7).

Chapter 5: Using Names. Chapter 6: Filtered Lists. Chapter 7: PivotTables. Chapter 9: Event Procedures. Chapter Adding Controls.

Chapter Text Files and File Dialog. His writing style is clear, and the book has virtually everything in it. As far as overwhelming For a complete beginner, I think tht the book would probably best be consumed with a forum or newsgroup to back it up. I've never bought a book on Excel.

Everything I learned was through experimentation, hanging around the MS Excel newsgroup a lot , and reading the gurus' websites like Debra's!

Excel VBA Object Model And Object References: The Essential Guide

Sometimes I'll query the newsgroup archives via Google if I'm looking for ideas to solve an Excel problem. Debra, The list you provide is right on the money.

Lesson 16.1 References

In fact, I have referred to the versions of each of these books in the last week alone. No for me yet The BIG win, in addition to the books, is of course the web community. There are many references to the "rouge's gallery" of web sites, but I will say that Contextures is clearly one of the most valuable for its pivot table and other content. I'm also really a fan of PTS Blog for charts.

I like it for talking you through simple, but increasingly harder, examples using the Excel sheets it provides.