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The amount a country spends on learning materials is a good indicator of its commitment to providing a quality education for all. While there are various types of teaching and learning materials, this paper will focus on textbooks, which are the most commonly used type.

Every Child Included

Textbooks are especially relevant to improving learning outcomes in low income countries with large class sizes, a high proportion of unqualified teachers and a shortage of instructional time. Overall, the in-school programme will reach 3, people directly to accelerate their learning and improve their wellbeing.

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  7. Our partnership creates the capacity to advocate for children and their right to an education. We work to raise awareness among our employees, political leaders, and the public about the need to improve education for children affected by conflict.

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    For Pearson, this partnership has become the model for our response to humanitarian crises in the future. We will provide sustained support for communities as they work to rebuild communities after major disaster and conflicts.

    Our approach is to ensure the most marginalized have access to high-quality learning, even when traditional methods of learning are not available. Read the press announcement from 19 September Read the press announcement for the launch of our partnership from 11 March Every child learning.

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    Many had come: children, their parents and teachers. All of them celebrating happily as children do. They were playing, dancing and reading poems, teachers and childminders where helping out.


    Every Child Included

    The government lady was deeply impressed that our children, children with disabilities, can play and be with other children so well, equally. She then stated that it was a testimony to her, that inclusion is possible. And of course it is, Samira Nabieva, head of Rushdi Inclusia knows this. Decent standard At Rushdi, they strongly believe that every child has the right to a decent standard of life and living environment in which to grow and develop.

    Therefore, they contribute themselves to the improvement of Early Years Services for children in Tajikistan.