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Nel mio cassetto stan chiusi quel cerchietto d'or e il libro di preghiere. Se vuoi serbarla a ricordo d'amor! Once happily leaving to your cry of love, Mimi returns only to the solitary nest. I return again to make flowers and bouquets.

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Goodbye , no hard feelings. Listen, listen. In my drawer is a small band of gold and the prayer book. Wrap them in an apron and I will send the concierge… Look, under the pillow there is a pink bonnet.

Donde Lieta Usci

If you want to keep it in memory of our love, you may. Goodbye, no hard feelings.

Maria Callas. Donde lieta uscì. La Bohème. Giacomo Puccini.

Aaron M. Marcello hears Musetta's laughter and accuses her of flirting with a stranger; they quarrel and part in fury, hurling insults at one another. The final act takes place in springtime in the garret.

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Rodolfo and Marcello are trying in vain to concentrate on their work, their minds full of thoughts of their loved ones. Colline and Schaunard come in and attempt to distract them from their melancholy by staging a hilarious duel, in the middle of which Musetta breaks in, very agitated, to announce that Mimi is downstairs, too weak to climb the stairs.

Rodolfo rushes to her aid and carries her in and a tender reconciliation takes place between them. Musetta tells how she found Mimi in a deplorable state asking to be taken to Rodolfo.

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She hands Marcello her earrings and entreats him to go with her to call a doctor, and to buy some medicine and a muff to warm Mimi's hands. Colline, for his part, goes out to pawn his overcoat, bidding it a fond farewell. The lovers are left alone and for a few moments, recapture their happiness, but Mimi is seized with a fit of coughing. The others return and Musetta tries to make Mimi more comfortable, giving her the muff to warm her hands.

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  7. Rodolfo leaves her side, believing her to be resting, but the others soon realize that she has breathed her last. When he realizes what has happened, Rodolfo rushes to embrace her lifeless body, sobbing and crying out her name. Petersburg Gala, celebrating the th anniversary of the city. Try out medici. Want to watch more? This video is reserved for our subscribers. In just a few clicks, you can be one of them.

    Log in. If you want, keep a memory of love! Word by word translation by Terri Eickel.

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