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Two-Hawks, or Two-Hawk, is a proud family name that goes back many generations. It is not unheard of in Lakota country. The name also holds deep spiritual meaning for me personally. I do not take kindly to attempts to belittle, insult or denigrate the integrity of my name. I am Lakota by blood, ethnicity and cultural upbringing.

I am a non-enrolled, yet culturally recognized Oglala Lakota. I have never claimed anything more or less than that. I also have Potowatomi blood from my paternal grandfather. Though I do not identify myself as a Potowatomi, I am proud to carry the blood of these beautiful people as part of my heritage. I also have some French and some Irish lineage. I grew up learning Lakota cultural ways from the few family elders I was fortunate enough to have around.

I know our traditional ways, our customs and our history. And yet, I will be the first to say that there is always more to learn, more to understand. So do not mistake me when I say that I know who I am and from whom I come. No one who really knows me has ever questioned my Indian identity. The Lakota people who know me, know without question that I am blood.

So this is my story, albeit a brief version of it. I know who I am.

Creek Mary's Blood: A Novel

And I do not need to define it any further. I hope and pray this lays this to rest once and for all.

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These kinds of things are really such a waste of the quality time we have here on this earth. Let us seek love, healing and kindness, that we may one day mend the sacred hoop He says the poem "might have errors," but that he had a "fluent" friend check it over to make sure it doesn't have errors. Then how can it have errors? He insists it's real Lakota "poetic Lakota" , even though my friend told me, "I don't understand a word of what he's saying. I'm going to post Tuomas' original poem in English.

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Then, I'll post my friend's translation into Lakota. Then, I'll post Two Hawks' translation. You'll see that they don't line up. People on a Lakota-speaking Yahoo group agree with my friend that his Lakota is incomprehensible:. John says his family name really is Two Hawks. But Two Hawks doesn't show up on any Oglala rolls. It doesn't matter if he's enrolled--if Two Hawks is a real Indian family name, the name WILL show up on an old Oglala census as belonging to one of his ancestors.

Here, I'll go one step further in proving it. Go to archive. In the search bar, type "Indian Rolls. These are all the Wind River rolls from the s. And at some point, you'll definitely find someone on them with my last name. My last name is Runs with the Crowd. See, that's the thing about Native surnames. We didn't have them until the s. So a name like Runs with the Crowd--or Two Hawks--will definitely be both fairly recent and documented.

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But the name Two Hawks doesn't show up anywhere on the Oglala rolls. There was never a single Oglala Indian with the name Two Hawks. If you go to archive. You'll find the same thing I found at my friend's tribal office: That the family never existed--or if they did, they were never Oglala. I can believe that Mr. Two Hawks might have some Lakota blood in him--but he admits he's not enrolled. So legally, he is NOT Oglala, and marketing his music as such actually breaks the law:. Man, I didn't sleep at all, and I go to work in a few hours, so if I say anything else that doesn't make sense Wow this is all very I'm definitely going to need some time to swallow this and then to build up an opinion.

Thanks shoshone for your interest and for your efforts into clarifying this issue. Please convey my thanks to your friends as well, for their efforts. I'd like to believe him, but as Shoshone says some things still seem off. And according to C. How about this now :blink:.

This is very very strange, and I feel too confused to discuss it now. But this topic makes me want to see this:. We're looking into this a bit deeper to get this correctly. There are still questions that need to be clarified to get the complete picture. Of course there will be no "further slander" but a few things don't fit together so this topic stays open as long as it takes to get this sorted once and for all. And yeah, "slander" was his word, not mine.

I haven't seen any slander here, but rather people who genuinely want to know for better or for worse what is going on here. I think most of us are hoping for the best. But bracing for the worst, just in case Long time no see Hmmm I'll just PM you.

Apsara It's not related to the topic at all, but I love that little doggie SO much. Couldn't stop laughing at his precious lil face!! Hopefully the clarification will be good for all parties. It's Nightwish I care about the most, in all honesty.

I liked him too, it took me a lot of searching to find an image that fit my feeling, and then there he was. John Two Hawks. Report post. Posted January 5, Sadly I come bearing really, really crappy news. I don't know what John Two Hawks is, but he's not an Indian. I know in the past Nightwish would never perform this song live without Two Hawks. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. And it's such a great song too Wow this is actually really upsetting me.

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