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What about that lens that the drunk uncle accidentally damaged when dancing the funky chicken at the wedding party? Situations like these are covered by insurance to make sure you can keep working and photographing. Destination weddings are self-explanatory. They are weddings that take place in an exotic destination. Think of beaches in the Bahamas.

As a photographer, destination weddings can provide some very beautiful locations. They help to create very interesting and special images. But, there are disadvantages that come with this style. You might not be able to scout the area beforehand, for example. If you are looking to enter this field of wedding photography, read our tips. A contract is a great piece of legislation. It makes sure everyone is on the same page and nothing is lost in communication. If a problem arises, then you can point out the discrepancies in the contract. And hire a lawyer if need be.

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As a wedding photographer, you will want to promote yourself as much as possible. This means posting photographs regularly on social media such as facebook and twitter. Wedding photography competitions might help you get exposure. Not to mention great awards and gifts. You might also want to submit your best work to a magazine or two. Even sell them on a stock photography website. To be able to use the images of the couple and guests from the wedding, they need to fill out a model release form.

For weddings, this is permanent as there is no lifespan. The person might also ask you to take the images down. Or in extreme circumstances, prosecute you. Knowing how to price your wedding photography package is tricky. If you charge too low, you miss out on your worth and value as a photographer.

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The couple might also see this as a lack of confidence in yourself and therefore your work. Too high, and people could go elsewhere. This article suggests that your pricing is just a random number. It has nothing to do with your camera, education or experience. It all comes down to confidence.

Confidence that you can take the best photographs for that value. People will spend their set budget. This way, they feel they are getting the best photographer for their budget. Here, more is more. A really creative way to photograph people at weddings could be something really creative such as a photo booth. The guests will be able to photograph themselves in a more relaxed manner than having a photographer in their face.

Plus, everyone loves photo booths. Creative and fun.

Looking for inspiration to boost your portfolio? Or perhaps you are thinking about starting a website or blog to showcase your work. Not only do they help to show you what is out there. But give you an insight into what is popular and where you can find your niche. Have a gander at our list.

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Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. There are many things you can do with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This is the area where you enhance the colors. The busier you are, the more time you will need. This time will be spent organizing yourself, booking, arranging, shooting, and post-processing.

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As you gain more experience, you will photograph less. Your photographs will naturally become better and better every wedding season. This will give you more time to edit and organize yourself. Photographers even edit the images on downtime at the weddings themselves. Another way to complete all this work fast and efficiently is to have an assistant. They will help you photograph and capture the less important, but time-consuming tasks.

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They could even be sat in a corner of the reception somewhere, working on the images. These could be sent to them via a wireless transmitter. As a professional photographer , delivering your images in a timely manner is paramount. The quality of your photos also needs to be stunning.

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This is a platform that allows you to easily share large files with your clients. You upload your images and issue your client with a URL and password. They are then free to peruse, share and download. This all comes at a monthly fee. This means your clients will be happy, satisfied, and likely to work with you again! All the photography is over and all your business cards handed out.

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You are still reveling in the happy mood on the way home. Selecting, moving and trying to keep hold of your ideas and flow can be difficult. Especially under pressure. What you might benefit from is having a workflow. A step-to-step guide for yourself on how to turn those images into something really beautiful. It will save you time and hassle. And will make sure you have done everything correctly and in order. Not only does it house all the images you take, but it also helps separate or connect them as necessary. Lightroom is wonderful at using keywords, folders, and collections.